Hye In Han

Hye In Han

seit 2013 Studium an der Kunstakademie Münster bei Prof. Aernout Mik

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The Role of Sex.
Video Installation : Film on wall, Sound :with two speakers, 1920 x1080, about 9 min, A painting, 20×41 cm, A bench with sponge, 2018


Ha Ha Ha
animated Video: on screen, 1920 x 1080, 3m46s, 2016
The instability of national systems and institutes, from Japan’s domination over war to
dictatorship, has led Korean to distrust in public. As a result, people had to fight for their
own survival, and as a means of that, self-expression toward power and forming
relationships for profit were necessary. The courtesy, what was an important virtue of Asia
that expresses respect for others, justifies now social inequality and classification, split by
capital or ages. This compulsion to hide honesty, and represent oneself as a harmless person,
injures mental health and causes many problems within and out of the communication.

in a Cafe

Aquarell on Paper



Ich tauche unter dem Wasser.

Der Wassertropf fällt nach unter und schreit ‘ich tauche unter dem Wasser!!’ obwohl er auch dass Wasser ist.