Silke Schönfeld

Silke Schönfeld

1988 born in Idar Oberstein, Germany

2020 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam
2012 Kunstakademie Münster, Prof. Aernout Mik
2013 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Prof. Marcel Odenbach
Lives and works in Dortmund

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invented traditions part one
video installation/documentary, 41:27 min, 2018

In a small village in Germany young adults engage in a tradition, that involves a bachelorette auction and decorated trees. The camera becomes part of the group while the rituals unfold within a framework of brotherhood, nationalism, Catholicism and militarism.

Ein Prozent
imagined communities
video installation, 7:41 min, 2019

„Ein Prozent für unser Land“ (One percent for our country) is a self called citizen‘s initiative that organizes protest campaigns against Germany‘s migration politics. The members of this non-profit association have alliances with the far right and the populist right wing party AfD. The association was founded in small Saxonian town Oybin, where the monks‘ processions also take place. I visited sites throughout east Germany where their protest campaigns already took place. I want to create visual content that paints an alternative picture of these places. The association produces emotionalizing propaganda videos of their actions, that aims to influence the masses. Amongst the visual language, it is the rethoric and choice of words that interests me.

The Lying Sun
short documentary, 14:58 min, 2018

The short documentary gives an essayistic perspective on the search for identity of young Israelis and Palestinians. On a road trip we follow a taxi driver from Bethlehem, a female settler from Tekoa, Girl Scouts from Bethlehem, pupils from Beit Hanina and many others.

Über alles vernünftige Maß hinaus
(Beyond all reasonable measure)

video installation, 16:28 min, 2017
Based on archival research I chose texts from the Düsseldorfer Kunstverein which were published between 1929 and 1956 to reflect on the role of art institutions and individuals before and after the Third Reich. In three chapters three actors
recite the texts and bring them to life in their mother tongue.

Nur wer die Arbeit kennt, der wird sie schätzen.
(Only who knows the work will appreciate it)

short film, 17:51 min, 2016
The Salon Studio was the headquarters of the Union Produktion film studio for the duration of Emscherkunst 2016. Together with the residents of Unionviertel I did a short film called Only who knows the work, will appreciate it, which consists of several chapters. Each chapter shows another everyday life situation which is reenacted by the residents who play themselves. A tension between fiction and documentary arises.

kommt und guck selber

Videoinstallation 2015
Die Doppelkanalinstallation zeigt eine junge Lehrerin, die in einem leerstehenden Klassenzimmer einen Aufsatz korrigiert. Nachdem die Protagonistin ihren Platz am Lehrerpult eingenommen hat, folgt eine ca. zwölfminütige Einstellung, die die routinierte Korrektur in Echtzeit wiedergibt. Alter, Name und Herkunft des fiktiven Autors bleiben unbekannt.

kommt und guck selber_Silke

scripted girls
Videoperformance 2013

Die Videoperformance zeigt sechs junge Männer, die Monologe aus der TV-Sendung Germanys next Topmodel vortragen. Die Auftritte fanden live in der Garderobe des Theaters im Pumpenhaus statt und wurden auf eine große Leinwand im Bühnenraum übertra­gen. Der Ursprung der Monologe wird sich nur dem geübten Zuschauer offenbaren.

scripted girls_Silke