Yedam Ann

1992 born in Seoul, Korea
2010-2015 TV&Film / History, Ewha Womans’ University, Seoul
2013-2014 History, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, BCN
2018- Kunstakademie Münster

Website: Yedam Ann

Yedam Ann was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1992. She majored TV&Film in Ewha Womans’ University. In Korea she had worked in festival and broadcasting industry and acted as calligraphy artist. In 2013 she moved to Europe and had started working as a freelance videographer and photographer in Barcelona. since 2015 she has lived in Berlin and worked as writer, translator and artist. Her works were shown in London and Berlin and she continuously has solo/collaborative shows. She has big interest in the relation between individual and society, especially the phenomenons, which occur when the multiple elements conflict each other. her works engage with the different interpretations and acceptances and also the differentness itself.

I fucking hate carrot 2019

things 2017